Monday, May 30, 2005

Sebastian Bach

An Absence of EmpathyI know you have all been sitting around wondering what has become of good old Sebastian Bach. Well since attempting a foray into musical theater, Mr. Bach has lent his voice for the latest Frameshift album. The only reason I even found anything on Frameshift is that the first album they put out featured James LaBrie of Dream Theater fame. I have only taken a listen to a couple of samples from, but what little I have heard is interesting. You can hear for yourself what the former Skid Row font-man sounds like today here:Frameshift: The Absense of Empathy

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  1. I suspected that S. Bach had an interest in prog rock/metal when he appeared as the lead singer on two tracks on the Prog Rock Supergroup tribute CD to Rush called "Working Man" on Magna Carta Records. He sings "Working Man" and "Jacob's Ladder". James LaBrie also sings on "By-Tor and the Snow Dog" & "Red Barchetta". This CD also features Billy Sheehan and Stuart Hamm on bass; Jake E. Lee on lead guitar; and Mike Portnoy on drums.