Wednesday, May 11, 2005

eels - Live at the Galaxy Theatre in Santa Ana, CA

Just got back from the show. It was great! I haven't heard the new album, but based on what I heard tonight, I'll be picking it up. After reading Jon's review of the new album, I was a little reluctant about the show, since I really dig the more up-tempo stuff. I'm happy to report that the strings section, or the "eels girls," was a great addition to the band and sounded fantastic. They had their moments rocking out as well. There were 3 encores. The third was with the house lights on and for only one song, a cover which I can't name, but I recognized the song. If it comes to me, I'll post it.

They performed a ton of songs, hitting the stage at about 8:40 and playing until about 10:30. Eels songs are pretty short, so you can imagine how many they played. I can't name all of the songs they played, but among them all were "Hey Man (Now You're Really Living)," "Wooden Nickles," "My Beloved Monster," "Dog Faced Boy," "Daisies of the Galaxy," "Souljacker Pt. 2," "I Like Birds," "Flyswatter," "Railroad Man" and more. they did NOT perform some songs you think they would have, like "Novacaine for the Soul," or "Rags to Rags" or really anything from Electro Shock Blues. But I don't have the whole catalog memorized like I should, so I could have missed some tunes. Honestly, I only really know 3 albums from eels, but it was enough to get me to go to the show, and I'm glad I did. Monique and I both really enjoyed it. We were told my some eels show veterans that were with us that this show with the string section was really unique.

One friend that went with us recorded the show and I'm looking forward to hearing how that turned out. Let me know who's interested and if it's any good I'll see that you get a copy.

(post written by Joe)

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  1. Thanks for the write up. That's sweet that they included a string section. I'd definitely be interested in hearing the show.