Friday, May 6, 2005

New Candlemass album

CandlemassI thought this site was going to talk about a lot of Power Pop and Indie Rock... and, trust me, it will. But we seem to be on a bit of a metal streak so far. The masters of "epic doom metal", Candlemass have a new self-titled album out. Check the news here. It can be purchased from Amazon (there's a review there, too). I haven't heard it yet... and, while I did consider myself a big fan back in the late '80s, I'm not willing to plunk down the dollars, sound unheard. Doom ain't my thing anymore. I'm more into hope, these days. :-)

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  1. I still listen to the old stuff: "Nightfall" is the best, but "Ancient Dreams" has a lot of good stuff, and even "Tales of Creation" is worth a few minutes of my time. "Epicus Doomicus Metallicus" used to rule me, but it mainly serves nostalgia purposes these days (and then, not very often).

    Nice pic on that Candlemass page of Leif Edling (?) . . . maybe he'll be able to afford clothes that fit properly after he sells a few of this new album.