Tuesday, October 18, 2005

The Longest Album Title Ever

Coheed & CambriaCoheed & Cambria caught my ear with the singles on their last album: "Blood Red Summer" and "A Favor House Atlantic." If you haven't heard those songs, go find'em, they're good. But I never did hear the whole album that those came from. Then tonight I picked up their new album "Good Apollo I'm Burning Star IV Vol. 1: From Fear Through The Eyes Of Madness" which has to be this progressive rock thing you guys keep yammering about. I gave the whole album a listen and I liked it. I don't think I liked the it nearly as much as I liked those two singles from the prior album, but it was a good enough listen for me to tap my toe and nod my head. Tracks 12-15 were especially good, and reminded me of a good album concept jam.

Good Apollo I'm Burning Star IV Vol. 1: From Fear Through The Eyes Of MadnessTake a listen at rollingstone.com/coheedandcambria

On a related note: please, don't compare these guys to Rush, or the lead singer to Geddy Lee. Not that it's an insult to either band, but it's just a pet peeve of mine that any male lead vocalist with a high-pitched voice gets the "he sounds just like that guy from Rush" treatment. If anything, this guy from C&C sounds like the dude from Wheatus.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

James Blunt “Back to Bedlam”

I discovered James Blunt last week on iTunes...he was the "download of the week" (still is, since Apple didn't update the site yet this week).

He's an English singer/songwriter in the vain of a Gavin DeGraw or a Jason Mraz, with an ethereal feel reminiscent of The Verve (who, I would guess, are influences of Coldplay). He also mixes in good use of vintage instruments (Hammond organ and Rhodes electric piano) and a few songs have a classic rock tinge. I can hear Beatles, Doors, CCR...and that's just in one song. I also hear a little Elton John (who I understand he's toured with). He's a multi instrumentalist, handling guitar and keys on several tracks, in addition to vocals.

If you're looking for something to listen to while you're relaxing, taking a casual walk or...either experiencing problems with your significant other or stoned...this is the perfect album for you. So check out his site...check out his music...you'll be glad you did.

(Ed. note; I just saw on his website that he's touring with Jason Mraz, so my earlier JM reference holds true.)

Monday, October 3, 2005


Tons of power pop stars and other well known names have come together to do a pretty cool satire song about Halloween in an effort to raise money for UNICEF. The song features the likes of Sloan, Beck, Sum 41, Sonic Youth, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Postal Service, and many more including funny guy David Cross.

The whole thing is produced by Steven McDonald of Redd Kross (kind of a Redd Kross theme lately on my part. Seeing them live finally would be nice.) It's kinda fun to try to identify the people in the song. Certainly worth the listen. Check it out! It'll be in stores on October 11th on CD single and 12" vinyl!

Sunday, October 2, 2005

Genesis Reunion Rumors

Rumor has it that there are rumblings going on beneath the surface that may result in a Genesis reunion of some kind. From a Sept. 30 article in the Ottawa Citizen (sorry, registration req'd) about Steve Hackett:

Genesis's management has approached Hackett, knowing that fans would salivate over the idea, especially if original singer Peter Gabriel was involved. But would Hackett be open to it, nearly 30 years after leaving the band because he was uncomfortable with the artistic compromises required for commercial success?

"Yes, I'd be a party to that particular bank raid, of course," he says with a laugh.