Monday, April 27, 2009

Secret Powers

Secret Powers
Attention power pop/Jellyfish fans! Check out Secret Powers! Fun power pop! Two albums out so far. Listen to tracks on their MySpace page.

From a Kool Kat Music review:
You just gotta check out all of the unbelievable, sugar-filled pop ingredients that went into this charming, extremely special, intoxicating pop cocktail outta Missoula, Montana - healthy heapings of Jellyfish, Jason Falkner, and Roger Manning, a pinch of Beach Boys, a smidgen of Paul McCartney, a teaspoon of ELO, a dash of Supertramp, a drop of Jackdaw4, and tiny jiggers of Supertramp, The Nines, Ben Folds and Gabe Dixon!

From NotLame's entry for their new album:
The band was one of 2008`s strongest debuts and a best seller at Not Lame and here is #2. "Secret Powers sounds like pop. It sounds like washing your tricycle on a bright waxy blue sunny day. It sometimes sounds like long feathered tresses and platform shoes, sometimes like Nehru jackets and sensitive facial hair. It sounds like girl-watching and dopey desire. It sounds like melted ice cream, dirty feet, and sticky faces.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Transatlantic Returns

The following is taken from the Transatlantic web-site.

TRANSATLANTIC, the progressive rock "supergroup" comprised of Mike Portnoy (Dream Theater), Pete Trewavas (Marillion), Roine Stolt (The Flower Kings) and Neal Morse (ex-Spock's Beard), have reunited after a 7 year hiatus to begin work on a brand new studio album.

The band began work on the album in early April in Nashville and are expected to have it released by year's end if all goes as planned.

TRANSATLANTIC have previously released two studio albums to tremendous critical and fan acclaim: 2000's SMPTe and 2001's Bridge Across Forever. The band toured on the heels of each release with an American Tour in 2000 and a European Tour in 2001 and released subsequent Live DVD's/CD's from both tours before going their separate ways for an indefinite hiatus which lasted almost the entire decade.
(post written by dcedave)