Friday, May 20, 2005


Erasure is still together and doing concerts! Who knew?!? I thought that they had broken up or one of them died or something (oops... just noticed that Bell has revealed he's been HIV positive since 1998... I don't mean to make light of this, I'm just saying what I had thought happened).

Anyway, if you like pure Pop and you're feeling nostalgic for the synth sound of the '80s, "Erasure Pop!: The First 20 Hits" is an excellent CD to get. Actually, forget the nostalgia, many of these cuts have aged surprisingly well. Great pop songs are timeless in a way, aren't they?


  1. They even have a new album out, Nightbird. The first single, Breathe, off of this album is fantastic!

  2. I didn't even know you liked Erasure, Jon! I had that CD you're talking about, and then, of course, I inherited about 20 more through marriage.

    I was pretty impressed with the sound at The Grove in Anaheim. It was my first concert there, but the place sounded great. The concert as a whole was a lot of fun, even though it was SRO/GA. I did see a guy in a boa, but I didn't get picked up on, so I had that going for me.

  3. Monique and I didn't care for the album they put out before this latest one. That was called Cowboy, and this new one is Nightbird, which, she's not lyin', is good.

  4. Sounds promising. How about the covers album they did in 2003? Is that any good?

  5. I'd say that the best of their stuff came out between 1986 and 2001. All prior to Pop! The rest of their albums have maybe one or two songs that I really like. You have to remember that with synth-pop bands, you need to buy the singles too, to get the B-sides. Sometimes those are better than the singles.

    Other People's Songs, the cover album, wasn't all that great in my book. I'd recommend Nightbird, the new one, before the cover album.

  6. Do you mean 1991 as opposed to 2001? 'Cuz 2001 counts everything except the covers album and the new album, right?

  7. 1986 – Wonderland
    1987 – The Circus
    1987 – The Two Ring Circus
    1988 – The Innocents
    1989 – Wild!
    1991 – Chorus
    1992 – Pop! The First 20 Hits
    1994 – I Say I Say I Say
    1995 – Erasure
    1997 – Cowboy
    2000 – Loveboat
    2003 – Other People’s Songs
    2003 – Hits! The Very Best of Erasure
    2005 - Nightbird

    Everything prior to Pop! is awesome...every single song on every single album is fantastic. The albums after Pop! weren't as great with only a few songs on my rotation. Nightbird is more in line with their earlier stuff...poppy.

  8. Jon...I did mean 1991, not 2001. I obviously think I'm younger than I am. :)

  9. I have the block of CDs from 1988 to Pop! (1992). So for the three albums prior to The Innocents, I just have what ended up on Pop!. I bought 1994's I Say I Say I Say, but then traded it in at a used CD shop before the days of CD burners, so I don't even remember what's on that one.