Thursday, May 12, 2005

IPO is Coming

Mark your calendars everyone, because the International Pop Overtrhrow is coming back to the Los Angeles area for the 8th consecutive year (have they really been doing this thing for that long?). The dates are set between July 22nd and August 7th. Hopefully, there will be a couple of good artists that will make their way out here. I checked the lineup for the Chicago IPO that happened recently; not a whole lot of huge names on there, but it did feature sets by Enuff Z'nuff (!) and The Elms. Being that this is L.A., the town where this festival originated from, I expect to see one or two pretty good artists hit the stage. The list isn't out yet, but I wouldn't be surprised to see the bill contain past IPO faves like Jason Falkner, The Rosenbergs, or The Nines (who I think are slated to release their third album this year-I know they recorded a couple of songs with XTC frontman Andy Partridge a little while back). Can't wait to go out to a venue with the rest of your power-pop nuts so we can argue about what bands rule and what bands suck.

(post written by almaniac)


  1. The shows are cheap (like $8) and you get a free CD (last year's was a 3-disc-set!) with admission. So we gotta make it to at least one show.

  2. Let's go! Everyone keep their eyes peeled for the schedule to be published.