Saturday, May 6, 2006

King’s X - Ogre Tones

King's X - Ogre TonesThough this is much later than promised, I am finally sitting down to offer my humble thoughts on the latest offering by King's X. Actually I am stalling, trying not to start a term paper. Anyway, Ogre Tones is somewhat of a back to the basics, a return to their roots for King's X, not that much of a case can be made to say that the Texas trio strayed far from their roots. Ogre Tones finds Ty, Jerry, and Doug still powering out great progressive metal. My first time through I was not overly impressed. Other than the campiness of Bebop, the balance of this offering is familiar fare. As I continued to listen though, what was at first unimpressively uninventive, began to strike me as constitently King's X, the very King's X that drew me in some many years ago when Dan lent me Gretchen. Though I cannot say that they did much that was unique within the King's X catalogue, I have come to love this album for being very much a King's X kick butt, hard driving, musically superior album. They know their craft. They have not "grown" into something they are not. What came out of the silent planet some 16 years ago still gets the job done. A great discs from a great band.