Tuesday, July 22, 2008

What's Under the Covers? or The Song Retains the Name

Off and on for a while now, I have wondered what kind of covers album I would put together if I were able to do so. Would I include Coal Chambers version of Shock the Monkey? What about Back In Black and Tomorrow Never Knows on the Living Colour album CollideĆøscope? Would I go back to 1989 for Faith No More's version of War Pigs? How about Testament's rendition of Nobody's Fault or perhaps the Guns N Roses version of Mama Kin? Actually the question that interests me most is what the rest of you might add to such a project. So impress us with how deep you can go and come up with covers worthy of their original glory.

(post written by dcedave)


  1. It looks like most of your selections are hard rock or metal bands doing covers. Is that intentional or are we talking about any good covers we like?

    (there are too many, btw)

    Perhaps I'll take a stab at a list sometime when I'm not working evenings.

  2. Yes, the list I thought of does tend more hard rock/metal, but in general so do I. I thought of asking for that specifically, but a more diverse group of songs, artists, and genres might be more interesting.