Thursday, July 24, 2008

Ex-Anthrax Guitarist Dan Spitz Launches 'Christian Heavy Metal' Project

Let's keep the theme going here. This is also from Blabbermouth:

Some close friends, and of course, record company executives there at Cornerstone, were amongst the first to be blown away by what is to come to the Christian heavy metal genre. My brother Peter Baltes, from the legendary band ACCEPT (who has tracked all the bass on the project) stood alongside me at the festival as well. Matt Thompson from the band KING DIAMOND did some drum overdubs and will be my touring drummer, but was not available to attend.

And from here:

Spitz still has contacts with friends in music and says that others are coming to Christ. "There are people you would not believe that God has put me in touch with in the mysterious ways He does. I'm talking about bands that are some of the most out-there in the secular market, who are completely and radically saved."

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