Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Roth joins Van Halen family, Michael Anthony MIA

A semi-reunited Van Halen will start a 24 date tour this fall. I say semi-reunited, because, while it is significant that David Lee Roth is teaming with the Van Halen brothers, it is also significant that bassist Michael Anthony is not part of the new Van Halen. Instead, Eddie's 16-year-old son Wolfgang will be playing bass. No word on if this means the concerts must end by 10:00pm due to curfew laws. Hopefully, it'll be a dry tour bus if not for Wolfgang, but also for Eddie.

So where is Michael Anthony? Touring with another of Van Halen's former frontmen - Sammy Hagar.

Some will find it exciting to see DLR with the VH brothers again, but this certainly doesn't count as an original Van Halen reunion (no matter if you think Michael Anthony & Alex Van Halen made up one of the most boring "party band" rhythm sections ever, which a lot of people do). This is really Van Halen - Mark IV.

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