Monday, August 13, 2007

Falkner's "I'm OK... You're OK"

I'm OK... You're OKSpeaking of (semi-)recent activities of former members of Jellyfish, Jason Falkner's new album has been released in Japan and will hopefully see a U.S. release this summer. You can import it if you want.

You can preview some new songs at Jason's MySpace page.
Track listing:
01. This Time
02. NYC
03. The Knew
04. Stephanie Tells Me
05. Hurricane
06. Anondah
07. Komplicated Man
08. Runaway
09. Say It's True
10. Contact
11. This Life of Mine
12. I Don't Mind (bonus track)

1 comment:

  1. Joe and I just saw Faulkner at the Roxy on Sunset last Thursday (9/13/07). What a great show! He played some old faves like Miss Understanding and quite a few off of the new album. The bonus track was one of them...loved it!

    This was my first Faulkner show. I was struck by how good natured he was. He seemed so comfortable up there even though it'd been awhile since he toured. What can I say, he's a natural performer with such a great smile. Oh yeah, and he sounded great too!