Thursday, January 26, 2006

Pour Some Sugar(s) On Me

So which do you guys like better: the original album cut of Def Leppard's "Pour Some Sugar On Me" or the remix (which I believe was used in the video) that has since become the "official" version (this version is the one appearing on the latest greatest hits compilations)?


  1. The original and still the best is the one from Hysteria. The remix version you are talking about was originally used for the "live" video for the song which is obviously not live just presented that way with the "extra oomph" remix as I call it. Other than b-sides and import 45s and 12 inches, that remix was first presented on the awesome greatest hits package "Vaults." I highly suggest picking this one up for the single disc casual fan. The Rock of Ages double disc is the one that covers pretty much everything they've done up to 2004. You just have to sit through a lot of the 90s stuff that isn't as recognizable and sometimes as good as their 80s stuff.

  2. Does it really matter!!!! Def Leppard RAWKS!!! I prefer the album cut since that was the way Mutt intended the song to be, since he took forever the "comp" the songs together to assure an endless string of hits...(although I assume he had his hands in the remix too)