Thursday, January 19, 2006

Led Zeppelin I

Led Zeppelin 1stYou don't have to be a genius to know that FM radio sucks. When we all last talked about it (I think on Rich's blog), there was the mention of hearing the same 4 Led Zeppelin songs ad nauseum. And this is the beauty of not listening to the radio... I haven't heard any Zeppelin in a long time. So after years of searching for the next Jellyfish (something I still do) and last summer's progressive metal marathons (thanks to Porcupine Tree and a new Dream Theater album) I figured I'd take some time to revisit the first band to make me think twice about my allegiance to the Top 40 of the Mighty Six-Ninety and KIIS-FM 102.7 (in L.A.).

Let's start with the first album. When I think about that one, it doesn't pop into my head as a great album. It's definitely one of the least listened to Zep albums for me. But when I just revisited it the other day (and rated each track in Media Monkey), I was pleasantly surprised how much I enjoyed it. Here's the breakdown (this uses a five point scale where half-points are allowed and zero is allowed for the ultimate in suck). I'd be curious to see how you guys would rate each track in the comments section.

# Title Rating
1Good Times Bad Times5
2Babe I'm Gonna Leave You4.5
3You Shook Me3.5
4Dazed And Confused5
5Your Time Is Gonna Come4.5
6Black Mountain Side5
7Communication Breakdown5
8I Can't Quit You Baby4
9How Many More Times4.5


  1. Surpringsly, only three from this album are on the rarely heard list for me. They are "You Shook Me," "Black Mountain Side," and "How Many More Times." Your rating of this album is pretty dead on with mine except I probably would have bumped "Your Time Is Gonna Come" up to a 5 on the merit that as of reading this post I really want to hear the absolutely beautiful original version and the spectacular Dread Zeppelin version back-to-back right this very minute!

  2. Outstanding album. Imagine it's've never heard LZ...a friend throws this album on. First song you ever hear, "GTBT" lets you know what they're all about. Drums, bass, guitar, vocals...pure energy. Hit's you hard, but lets alittle blues influence slip thru. Enough, I could do this all day...on to the ratings.

    Good - 5
    Babe - 5 (what other band could have an acoustic song that rocks this one!)
    You - 4.5 (hey, JPJ can play the organ too!)
    Dazed - 5 (can I give it a 6?)
    Your - 4 (after the intro, probably the most redundant song of the bunch)
    Black - 5 (simply beautiful)
    Communication - 5
    I - 4.5 (jon, I notice you give the lowest ratings to the two 'blues' tunes...hmmm...I think it's time to stay away from the bubble gum for a while)
    How - 5 (the groove, the tone...oh man this song is a great conclusion to a great album...this track gives a taste of the future of the's almost a greatest hits in one track...before the hits were written...unbelievable)

    Really, I could give every song a 5. There are a lot of albums (by other artists) that have a few good songs on them, but also have a couple that make me jump for the skip button. That NEVER happens with Zep. As I look thru their catalog I can't find one somg I don't like. Can you? Every song has a 'hook' that pulls you in...makes you, need to listen to it. With LZ I know I can put it on and leave it on. That's one reason I believe they're the greatest rock band of all time.

  3. I still contend that Led Zeppelin I is one of the best albums to put on if you want to get lucky.

  4. A bold statement from Danny! Woo-hoo!

    Rich - all I can say is "not at my house". But I do have a short list of albums that do work for that purpose at my house.

  5. Rich, ANY Zep works for that purpose...and I have the college stories to prove it!