Sunday, June 26, 2005

IPO Update

The lineup for the Los Angeles edition of the International Pop Overthrow has been announced. Unfortunately, there is no big name act this year that stood out like Owsley did last year. The biggest name was Orange County's own Scarlet Crush, who had a song put in decent rotation on the old 95.9 FM a few years ago before the station went Spanish. But I know a few of us have already seen them (they opened for Sloan at the Coach House four years ago), and they play on a Wednesday night. So I'll pass. The "controversial" Maple Mars plays on the first Friday of the fesitval (so you know where Dan's going to be), and that's about it. (There is a group called Giant that plays the final Friday, but I'm thinking it's a safe bet to say it's not the same Giant that we all know from the 80's and 90's). I'm not even sure what band Robbie Rist is going to be in this year. Of course, I'll still keep my eyes open for any last minute additions, but it doesn't look too good, with the gigs starting a month ago.

However, Manowar clones Hammerfall is playing in L.A. on August 30th. Who wants to go? :)


  1. Rick! Thanks for commenting... we're, like, totally legit now. Ha!

    Most of the regular contributors to this site saw you guys at last year's IPO along with Rusty Anderson, P. Hux and Owsley. That was a pretty killer bill in my opinion. We enjoyed a bit of a laugh at the eclectic look of Maple Mars (especially the "accountant" on keys - which is the exact word we used!). As you might guess from Rich's post, Dan really liked you guys and bought a CD. The other guys, not so much (which is what Rich is referring to when he says "controversial" - for most of the other acts our opinions matched up). I enjoyed you guys, too, but had already blown my wad on five P. Hux CDs to flesh out my collection. Having heard your CD since, I was much more impressed by your sound on disc than I was at the show. This has made me want to see Maple Mars live again. So if we do make it to an IPO show this summer, I'd vote for the July 22 Maple Mars show. Fellas?

  2. I'd be down with that. Looking at the schedule, the band playing right before Maple Mars is a group called Hutch, who I have heard pretty good things about over at the Live365 power pop site.