Monday, April 27, 2009

Secret Powers

Secret Powers
Attention power pop/Jellyfish fans! Check out Secret Powers! Fun power pop! Two albums out so far. Listen to tracks on their MySpace page.

From a Kool Kat Music review:
You just gotta check out all of the unbelievable, sugar-filled pop ingredients that went into this charming, extremely special, intoxicating pop cocktail outta Missoula, Montana - healthy heapings of Jellyfish, Jason Falkner, and Roger Manning, a pinch of Beach Boys, a smidgen of Paul McCartney, a teaspoon of ELO, a dash of Supertramp, a drop of Jackdaw4, and tiny jiggers of Supertramp, The Nines, Ben Folds and Gabe Dixon!

From NotLame's entry for their new album:
The band was one of 2008`s strongest debuts and a best seller at Not Lame and here is #2. "Secret Powers sounds like pop. It sounds like washing your tricycle on a bright waxy blue sunny day. It sometimes sounds like long feathered tresses and platform shoes, sometimes like Nehru jackets and sensitive facial hair. It sounds like girl-watching and dopey desire. It sounds like melted ice cream, dirty feet, and sticky faces.

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