Saturday, August 23, 2008

Starclock - Progressive Power Pop?

StarclockYou have absolutely got to get Starclock by Starclock!
From Not Lame's description:
Imagine Toy Matinee or The Bears doing "Skylarking" by XTC with dashes of 70`s progressive rock and mid-70`s hard rock riffs all glossed up with pop perfection. Lots of Owsley / The Semantics or PFR or the poppy side of King`s X produced by Prince. And how bout The Merrymakers and Sugarbomb? Well, there you go! Starclock combines great studio sonds and, more importantly, highly admirable and catchy songs that dig a hook into the back, hold the listener up for all to see and wondering what`s around the next corner. Peppy and incredibly melodic, beginning to end. 13 complex but incredibly easy to enjoy and digest pop songs and most assuredly, Extremely Highly Recommended.

From Starclock's MySpace page:
Starclock is the solo project for Chris Bradley, bassist for Look What I Did. The self titled debut was released in 2002 on Chris' own Clockrock Recordings. It was written, performed, engingeered and mixed mostly by Chris.

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