Friday, December 7, 2007

Crazy Cool Grammy Nomination

So, like most fans of real music, I completely ignored yesterday's announcement of the Nominees for next year's Grammy awards. But then, this morning I'm scanning the news about my current favorite band and I could not believe my eyes.

Porcupine Tree has been nominated for a Grammy.

Seriously. Read that again. It's true. My amazement isn't because Porcupine Tree is undeserving. They should've been winning Record of the Year, Album of the Year and Song of the Year in every year that they've released an album. I'm just absolutely amazed that someone in the Recording Academy has finally heard of Porcupine Tree.

Unfortunately, they are nominated for "Fear of a Blank Planet" in the Surround Sound category. This is category 95 out of 110 (and the list is roughly ordered in the order of categories that people most care about). And the usual stupidity of the rest of the nominations still applies this year as it has in so many other years.

But it's a start.


  1. so true, grammys aren't about what's great though, they're all about commercial trends and $ which is why incredibly great bands like Porcupine Tree get to be nominated once in a blue moon and left to relatively unheard of categories.
    The tuth is, the majority of humans are stupid sheep and cannot process the true validity of real music. So the majoriy rules, and that's why we're overdosed by simple, caveman crap (rap/hip-hop).