Monday, March 19, 2007

The Fratellis - Costello Music

The Fratellis I was ready to dismiss The Fratellis as another band that had a kick butt single that Apple made famous in an iPod commercial. I'm glad I checked out their recently released (in the US anyway) album, "Costello Music" -- it's a great listen all the way through, not a bad track on it! They've got a sort of transitional style that lands somewhere in the pop rock genre, but pays a lot of tribute to 60's pop (I swear I hear some Hermans Hermits in there). This band is a lot of fun.

If you're wondering who I'm talking about, take a listen to "Flathead" which is the iPod single that has 3 or 4 songs worth of great hooks in there. After you lsiten to that a few times, go on to get the rest of the disc, as it's a keeper.

(post written by Joe)


  1. I love this band! Great album. I downloaded their EP and when the album came out, Joe got it for me. They rock!

  2. Did anyone see the Live Earth concerts this past week? I'm waiting for a review. Some good stuff (Spinal Tap with a dozen or more rock gods all playing bass)...some bad (Roger Waters trying to sing "Money"...what a joke).

  3. Nope, missed it all. Been a little crazy over here with moving and fixing up the new house and working and all that. My blogs sorely need updating, I know.