Tuesday, June 20, 2006

The Jelly Jam

The Jelly JamThe Jelly Jam. For those of you not familiar The Jelly Jam is a project that drew together nearly the complete line up of Platypus. Tabor (King's X), Myung (Dream Theater), and Morgenstein (The Dixie Dregs) returned sans the keyboards of Derek Sherinian. The result is fantastic. As a long time King's X fan, I have enjoyed Tabor's solo and side project work. The Jelly Jam is the self titled first release for this line up. Though not nearly new (released in 2002), I have just managed to get a copy a few months ago. What a mistake it was to not get this sooner. The first few times through the album was familiar. It had a distinct King's X feel that I could not decide if I appreciated or not. The same harmonic flair can be found throughout the album, especially on one of my favorite tracks "Under the Tree". The more I listened the more I grew to just love this album. The crown jewel is of course the self titled song on the self titled album, The Jelly Jam. This instrumental romp showcases the musicianship of the collected masters and justifies the existence of such a prog rock supergroup (why can't they have a show on VH1). The Jelly Jam is a well crafted album that fans of Dream Theater and King's X will greatly love.

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