Tuesday, December 6, 2005

Operation Mindcrime 2?

Just read that Queensryche is reeasing a sequel concept album to Operation Mindcrime early next year. The story from the original album is revisited but now it's 20 years later and Nikki is getting out of prison and looking for answers. Can't say that I'm thrilled with the idea of trying to capitalize off of an album I really enjoy but I'm going to give it a chance. Here's an excerpt from the article.

QUEENSRĊ¸CHE returned to the studio this summer to record the long-anticipated sequel to 1988's acclaimed concept album "Operation: Mindcrime". Praised by critics and certified platinum, the original remained on Billboard's album chart for more than a year and its dynamic music and powerful message still resonate today. Rhino Records helps unravel the mysteries of the original with "Operation: Mindcrime II". The album is available March 14 at regular physical and digital retail outlets and at www.rhino.com for a suggested retail price of $18.98.

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  1. Hi there ...
    In fact this album is really different. It is a Different queensryche !!! I thought "Mindcrime" means a special sound .. it is really really far from the first one !!

    For sure, as every queensryche album ( until 1997 ), it will need a lot of time to take part in this album .. these songs are hard to remember and are very complex !!

  2. I think the original Mindcrime is a great recording, but I'd like so see more nostalgia for the "Rage for Order" era. I think that is, by far, the best, most original and adventurous album! My only complaint was that the digital recording technology used to record it was in its infancy, leaving the production a bit thin. Still a great record, though.

  3. I just heard on SIrius Satellite Radio's "Hair Nation" (channel 23) that Geoff Tate and Chris Degarmo are collaborating on some new songs. This is very exciting to me because I think Degarmo is one of the most underrated guitarists in the history of heavy metal. Reports are that this will be a venture done apart from Queensryche, though.