Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Falkner at the Troubadour

Jason FalknerTwo of us Frequalites (Gordon and me) went to see Jason Falkner on Saturday night at the Troubadour in West Hollywood last Saturday night (Nov. 26th). He played a GREAT show to a full house and debuted (they were new to us anyway) a bunch of new tunes. The only things he played from his LPs were Honey, Holiday, My Lucky Day, Miss Understanding, and Goodnight Sweet Night. He played The Neighbor and They Put Her in the Movies off of his EP Bliss Descending. So that leaves a bunch of songs we'd never heard before. Most of which sounded amazing. New York, Time, and Stephanie Says (not sure o the title of that one) stood out. He played for about an hours and half and did one encore. Closed the show with Miss Understanding. Great stuff!

News of the next album is up in the air still. The way he was talking it sounds like it's done, but he didn't have a label for it. But he said he'd do everyhing he can to get it out next year. From what we heard, I'm buyin.

jasonfalkner.net is a great resource for Jason related news.

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  1. Yeah great show!

    The opening band was pretty bad but it was pretty cool watching them leave.