Tuesday, October 11, 2005

James Blunt “Back to Bedlam”

I discovered James Blunt last week on iTunes...he was the "download of the week" (still is, since Apple didn't update the site yet this week).

He's an English singer/songwriter in the vain of a Gavin DeGraw or a Jason Mraz, with an ethereal feel reminiscent of The Verve (who, I would guess, are influences of Coldplay). He also mixes in good use of vintage instruments (Hammond organ and Rhodes electric piano) and a few songs have a classic rock tinge. I can hear Beatles, Doors, CCR...and that's just in one song. I also hear a little Elton John (who I understand he's toured with). He's a multi instrumentalist, handling guitar and keys on several tracks, in addition to vocals.

If you're looking for something to listen to while you're relaxing, taking a casual walk or...either experiencing problems with your significant other or stoned...this is the perfect album for you. So check out his site...check out his music...you'll be glad you did.

(Ed. note; I just saw on his website that he's touring with Jason Mraz, so my earlier JM reference holds true.)


  1. I just picked this album up this weekend. Good stuff. Lyrically, there's a lot of Elliot Smith going on in his songs. His delicate yet firm Elton John meets Robin Gibb vocal gives the songs a tender, heartbreaking atmosphere that will haunt you. It shouldn't be surprising that the album was produced by Tom Rothrock (who produced three of Smith's albums, as well as acts in a similar vein like Badly Drawn Boy). This is not an album to listen to if you are unhappy; rather, it would fit in quite nicely in a day when you want to settle into an album by Smith, or Nick Drake, or even Beck's "Sea Change" album. It's certainly worth a spin.

  2. Saw him on SNL. Beautiful is a great song! He also had a cameo on Love Monkey. He's a little frightening to look at though when he sings into the camera.

  3. That camera thing on SNL was a little creepy...good thing he can sing! Not a bad way for Love Monkey to got out...

  4. Oh good Danny...I felt kind of bad having written that about him but it really was a bit freaky, wasn't it? It's nice to not be alone.