Friday, August 12, 2005

Jason Falkner

Bliss DescendingI just found out that Jason Falkner is going to be playing August 27th at the Sunset Junction Street Fair. Tickets are just $10 and it looks like he will be playing a 45-50 minute set.

I'm not going to be able to make it and I'm bummed because he's almost finished recording his latest album and will probably be showing off tracks from it.

Here's a link to the lineup for both days of the festival:


  1. Cool... also playing the festival are John Cale (same night/stage as Falkner), Chaka Khan, and The New York Dolls. Oh... and The Eagles of Death Metal!

  2. Hey, if you missed it, Brad just sold a NY Dolls poster, autographed by all 5 members, on ebay for $363. That would pay all y'all's way into this show!

  3. Jenn and I are going to try and get to the Sunday performance with the New York Dolls. Don't expect I'll get a chance to see them ever again.