Friday, June 17, 2005

RJMJR website

Check it out...

I guess he also has a solo album he put together from over 20 years worth of stuff called Solid State Warrior. Go up to the right hand corner to access it. It's .wma files that allow you to listen to it 3 times before you have to buy the track.

Oh yeah, there's a list of all the work he's done as well as a history of sorts.

OK...I've now poked around the website even more and have found a couple intriguing things. First thing is that Eric Dover has a band he calls Sextus. He uses that as his moniker a la Ziggy Stardust. Dunno if it's any good or not, you can find his crappy website at

A couple of years ago I was hanging out with the drummer from Imperial Drag, Eric Skodis. I asked him what happened and he basically said the 2nd album was pretty much finished when Sony pulled the plug on them because Dover went off the deep end. They were put into band counseling and everyone went their separate ways. He said Roger had the demos for the second album but he didn't have any copies. Years later, it looks as if Roger is finally has released these demos (which I've heard a couple of, but not all) at

Be aware this is a new file download network called "Weed" and after three listens you will have to pay for it.


  1. Great find Dan! I've had "Sleep Children" as an mp3 for awhile, and I love that song. After listening to the first few tracks of Solid State Warrior it sounds like the whole album carries the same saound throughout. Good stuff!

    I'm planning on "Audio Hijacking" this stuff this weekend.

  2. The password to the post above this one is the name of Rich's eldest pooch.

  3. Sweet! Thanks for the links.

  4. Noticed tonight that Roger has a bit of the ol' Geddy Lee in his vocals. Who knew?

  5. Yeah he does! Has Brad listened to this thing yet? There are a number of songs on it that remind me of stuff he's introduced me to, I swear David Pack took over Roger for some of this album, including "You Were Right."