Friday, February 10, 2006

Hal Sparks

I was just on the King's X site and discovered that Doug ran into Hal Sparks at promoting his band. Yes, Hal Sparks has a band. The sample track at at first is unimpressive. Not all that bad, just not too interesting. It is a bit catchy though and the occassional harmony works. But really you know the only reason you are going to follow the link is because dude its Hal Sparks.

Oh yeah, King's X has a new album called Ogre Tones. I have it ordered from Amazon and will report back once it arrives.
Ogre Tones


  1. Hal Sparks, recording artist, eh? As long as it's not "Michael Ian Black, recording artist," I'm cool with it.

  2. I should really post more...I picked the album a couple months ago. It's probably their most solid album since Mr. Bulbous, and hearkens back to the Sam Taylor produced days. Funny thing is that Michael Wagener produced it (you may know him from the Skid Row, Extreme II,Saigon Kick, White Lion Dokken) and his outside experience really helped the songs take form as pretty damn good pop ditties. It's quite recommeneded if you are a King's X head, even if you aren't...I recommend Stay, Open My Eyes, and Freedom (and of course Goldilox, but you already know that's a great tune)

  3. Hal Sparks was the host of "Talk Soup" for a little while, and now he's a B-list actor, most notably appearing on the (I think its) Showtime series "Queer As Folk. He's also a regular "wacky" panelist on those annoying VH1 shows.

    FYI, I know most of this info through my wife. So there.