Sunday, August 21, 2005

The Jessica Fletchers

Rich should edit this post (or leave a comment) with the story of how he discovered "The Jessica Fletchers". I'll just tell you that you should get their album "Less Sophistication". While Rich was telling me about them on the phone, we listened to some of the 30-second song samples on dat der dang ol' innernet. It grabbed me and I quickly jumped over to Amazon where I saw that a seller was selling a new, sealed copy for $7.99. So I ordered it while we were still on the phone. Got it yesterday and I've spun the whole thing three times. It's greatly influenced by late-'60s or early-'70s pop. Just go listen to the samples and then get it.

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  1. Well, I tried to jump in and edit Jon's info about these guys, but it wouldn't let me. So here's the story.

    I heard about The Jessica Fletchers courtesy of the great Rodney Bingenheimer. You see, it turns out that KROQ, for the first time in years, realized that they have a legend working for them, and they give him his own spotlight to play something new every day at about 1:00 pm (which is an improvement over just burying him in the Sunday midnight to 3 shift). So a couple of weeks ago, he played the song "The Magic Bar" by JF, and its 60's garage rock meets Supergrass chorus hooked me in 1.7 seconds. These guys wear their classic Beatles/Kinks influence on their sleeves very proudly. Check 'em out!